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Annual Senior Dinner

David Smith on December 13, 2015

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It was an honor to be a part of the Annual Senior Dinner on Sunday, 12/13.  This event is supported and organized by Tabernacle Township, Recreation Committee, and Tabernacle Fire Members.  A Great day was had by all.

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Tabernacle Twp. is in the process of hiring a Public Safety Director. Until this point, Tabernacle Fire Company has been silent on the topic.   At this time, we feel that the residents of Tabernacle, and the Township Committee, should know that Tabernacle Fire Co. supports the hiring of a Public Safety Director.

By hiring a Public Safety Director:

  • Public safety entities in town will have a single, objective authority managing emergency services.
  • Fire Company administrative duties, previously handled by the fire commissioners, will be handled by the Public Safety Director which then provides the ability for the Fire Chief and other officers to focus on operational functions.
  • Public safety issues will be addressed in an expeditious manner including deficiencies with the fire station and other lifesaving equipment.
  • The Fire Chief will be able to decide which training his members will be permitted to take.
  • Moving a fire vehicle into the Emergency Services Building can be facilitated.
  • There will be a single individual whose sole responsibility would the safety of the town.
  • All divisions under public safety would have a single person to answer to.
  • The Public Safety Director will be responsible for administering contracts for all emergency services organizations.
  • All safety organizations will be held accountable.
  • All emergency services budgets in the township will be transparent.
  • The serious issue of public safety in our township will be given its due attention.
  • The Township Administrator will no longer divide his time between various township responsibilities and public safety.
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Please Help the Penwell Family

David Smith on January 4, 2018
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Tabernacle Twp Annual Tree Lighting

Cheryl Smith on October 29, 2017
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Boy Scouts host a Pancake Breakfast Fund Raiser

Cheryl Smith on October 29, 2017
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Fire Prevention at Grace Place

David Smith on October 7, 2017

Friday morning members visited Grace Place to talk about Fire Prevention and the kids got to look at Engine 4311 and even took a quick picture with our members. Thank You Grace Place for having us again this year!! 

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